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By performing a risk analysis, hiring specialists or… reading the guidelines of the authorities on your own. You should also remember about the audit (monitoring) of the measures usd, as they may become outdatd over time. In this post, we will focus on the last case, specifically reviewing the guidelines of the Irish Data Protection Authority (1). Portable memories – how to live? If the data controller has not blockd USB ports in his company, personal data may be downloadd to mass portable memory: pendrive, external hard drives.

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Micro SD cards, or to the internal portable memory of various devices: smartphones, tablets. The above devices with portable memory Latest Mailing Database should be securd by analyzing the following issues: moving devices, and thus the possibility of their theft or loss, uploading malware when connectd to a work device, unauthorizd access to files by third parties. Will internal company procdures be helpful? The answer seems obvious – no. Documentation only helps to organize the measures that should be applid in a given case.

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However, these security measures still ned to be applid and checkd. What security measures are we talking about? The Irish HRB Directory supervisory authority is coming with the answer. What about the organ? The Irish authority provides its guidance in which it informs data controllers of the following measures to minimize the risk of a personal data breach. To increase the readability of the authority’s recommendations, I have dividd them into several groups. Employees and USB memory security – Can an employee use private devices.

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