How To Get More Value For Your Design Investment

In the eCommerce arena, competition is fierce regardless of what product category you sell. In a world where people can get what they need/want at the push of a button, it’s important to build a strong storefront to attract potential customers to your store. The marketplace doesn’t give sellers any control of their store’s API. That’s why Lazada Store Decoration is a useful and useful tool for sellers. This gives you the ability to control how your store appears to customers. Learn more about Lazada Store Decoration below.

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What is Lazada Store Decoration

Lazada Store Decoration is an Latest Mailing Database integrated feature in Lazada Seller Center that allows you to customize the appearance of your store.

Lazada has a default store design that applies to all sellers. As a way to make your brand stand out and earn the trust of prospects, you can use shop décor to customize your shop template and make it look more professional and authentic.

Lazada Store Decoration is Lazada’s way of helping sellers increase their brand awareness and overall marketing.

How to Use Lazada Store Decoration

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To access Lazada Store Decoration, log in to your Lazada Seller Center, and click on Store Decoration.

Initially, you need to set these two elements:

  • Save the header banner
  • Brand image/store logo

To do this, click Edit.

For store header banner, you need to prepare two versions: PC version and app version. See the following image criteria:

  • PC: 1200 x 128 pixels
  • Application: 750 x 180 px

As for the shop logo, the image HRB Directory criteria is 600 x 600 px.

You can use Photoshop or Canva to create your banner image. There are lots of banner templates you can use in Photoshop. The same goes for Canva.

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