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These activities relate to the external and internal personnel policy, which is extremely important in the organization. Griffin in “Basics of organization management” base on his model of three areas of corporate social responsibility indicates CSR activities regarding general social well-being: ” philanthropic activities, support for social and cultural organizations, activities to support political equality, fight against pathologies in the functioning of states.” Further CSR activities from a completely different area are liste by Sam Black in Public Relations.

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It shows that “ as part of CSR, a company can support local institutions, support them, and promote eucational initiatives for the inhabitants of the territory in which it operates. Artistic activities emphasizing the value of the region’s culture database are also important.” CSR activities – quotes Activities in the field of the natural environment, which is the basic area of ​​social responsibility of the organization, are very important. Wiesław Łukasiński in “The ecological aspect in the concept of corporate social responsibility” indicates that ” activities in the field of environmental protection should first of all be base on such functioning of the entity that will reuce the harmful impact on the environment in the phase of production, normal operation and disposal of waste.


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Organizations should implement measures to protect the environment, implement an environmental policy, properly manage raw materials, eucate their employees on ecology, as well as implement ecological technological processes. Still other HRB Directory CSR activities were propose by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). In addition to those liste above, of course, she liste, among others: “ social campaign activities that enable companies to influence public attitudes through the meia. Such campaigns are intende to help those in nee or to raise public awareness on a specific topic.

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