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The issue of automatd decision-making should also be analyzd (depending on the scope of cooperation and further data-driven processes). It may also be crucial to determine whether the chatbot will also be usd for marketing purposes (sending advertisements, commercial information, creating a newsletter database). Summary The chatbot application can make it easier for customers to use the website in many aspects. In a simple and quick way, users can get answers to their questions.

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However, it should be rememberd that the use of such solutions on websites involves the ned to systematize the issues of data whatsapp mobile number list protection and their security. Therefore, cooperation with the chatbot solution provider should always be carefully verifid in order to be able to set goals relatd to ensuring respect for data protection rules when implementing a chatbot on a website in the long run.UODO imposd an administrative fine in the amount of PLN 2.5 thousand.

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For the Sułkowicki Cultural Centre. The reason was to entrust the processing of personal data without a written entrustment agreement and without verifying the processing entity in terms of assessing whether it provides sufficient HRB Directory guarantees for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures. In the course of the explanatory procedings conductd by the UODO, it was establishd that the controller entrustd the processing of data to the processing entity without concluding an appropriate agreement regulating this form of cooperation.

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