What Is Seller Eligibility

SBS is available for sellers and brands. These are the eligibility criteria for market sellers:

Active in the last seven days as a seller
Receive at least five orders per month
Stores should have been registere at least one month prior to SBS registration
Willing to pay service fee (service fee may vary per Shopee market)
Do not sell prohibited items
Following are the eligibility criteria for brands.

How is the process for a return request

The Shopee team will wait for the goods to arrive at the warehouse and verify them within 1 to 2 days. Refunds will only be process after verification of the request.

How to check sales reports for SBS?

You will receive a weekly sales report which will be sent to you every Wednesday. This report includes all transactions Monday through Sunday in the previous week.

How are goods delivered to whatsapp mobile number list the Shopee warehouse?

You must submit a delivery request. Shopee will notify you of the delivery schedule. You will also shoulder the shipping costs.

How do I check my stock quantity?

After joining SBS, a manager will be assigned to you. You can contact your manager about the amount of stock available in the warehouse.

How do I get paid?

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Shopee will send payment to your registered SBS bank account. You get the results from your stock every Thursday.

How to pick up inventory items from the Shopee warehouse?

You must submit an inventory recall request three days into collection time. You cannot send your inventory items back to the warehouse for one month after the inventory draw.

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The product must be an official brand
Either the brand or the brand’s exclusive distributor
Sufficient number of orders on Shopee
Willing to pay service fee (service fee may vary per Shopee market)
How to Join SBS
SBS registration may vary in HRB Directory each Shopee market. The first step is to send an email to Shopee. The Shopee team will review your seller profile and determine if you qualify for SBS. They will contact you if you pass the evaluation. They will introduce you to the T&C and service rates. Orientation will start from there.

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