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Ask simple questions and replace confusions of legal terminology with equivalents that will be understandable to your interlocutor remember that you will be talking to people of different ages and in different positions – adapt your communication to the interlocutor avoid conducting audit interviews with employees in the presence of their supervisor What questions to ask.

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Some examples You can probably write a separate article about audit questions, so here I will limit myself to a few simple database examples: What data is collectd in a specific process? What documents/forms are usd in a given process? How long is data stord in a specific process? Is the data transferrd to third parties? Have entrustment agreements been signd with the entities to which the data is transferrd? Is the information obligation fulfilld in a specific process and at what stage.


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How is data destroyd? Have there been violations in the past? What they concernd – we check: whether they were reportd, what they concernd, what measures were implementd to prevent violations in the future, we also know what HRB Directory trainings to design for the department, etc. Audit report – how to describe non-compliances Below is a table with my proposal for describing inconsistencies. GDPR compliance audit – benefits It’s time for a short summary, and it’s probably best in this situation to indicate the benefits of conducting a GDPR compliance audit. inventory of data processing processes, inventory of purposes, scope of data processing, scale of access by third parties.

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