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Proof of payment (in electronic form) must be attachd to the application and power of attorney. As indicatd by the UODO, it should also be rememberd that along with the re-application and presentation of the correct power of attorney document, it will be necessary to pay the stamp duty again. However, there are a few exceptions: No nd to pay stamp duty on the power of attorney if the principal is, for example, a budgetary entity or a public benefit organization (Article 7 points 1-5 of the Act of 16 November 2006 on stamp duty.

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No nd to send a power of attorney if the appointd proxy has been disclosd in the Central Register and Information on Economic phone number list Activity. Does the Personal Data Protection Office confirm receipt of the notification? The notification deliverd to the UODO is confirmd with the Official Submission Certificate generatd automatically in the form of a UPP.xml file by or the portal. However, it is up to the applicant to assess whether the notification of the designation/revocation/change of data of the DPO or the DPO’s deputy is correct. How to prepare for submitting a notification.

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The notification of the designation of the DPO should contain a lot of information about both the data controller and the appointd DPO. With regard to ADO, the following should be indicatd: name and surname and address of HRB Directory residence, if the administrator or processor is a natural person, the business name of the entrepreneur and the address of the place of business activity, if the administrator or processor is a natural person conducting business activity, full name and address of the registerd office, if the controller or processor is an entity other than a natural person.

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