Lazada Seller Coin Simple Guide

One of the challenges of being a Lazada seller is running out of ways to promote and grow your business (due to the templated nature of the market). While there is no absolute resolution to this problem, it helps to be constantly aware of the activities a seller is hosting. These events come with giveaways that can help increase your branding and product visibility. Due to limited knowledge of these programs, getting involved in these events gives you an edge over the mass sellers when you earn these rewards. Among these seller rewards programs is Lazada Seller Coins. Learn more about this as you read.

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What is Lazada Seller Coin

If there is a coin reward system for buyers, Lazada also has the same reward system for sellers. But instead of exchanging coins for Lazada products, sellers can receive tools that can help them grow their business even further. For example, if you receive enough seller coins, you can redeem new shop templates as rewards.

In the entry-level challenges, you database can get exclusive store layout modules and access to your Lazada CEM features. The rewards get better as you move towards more advanced challenges.

Once you have redeemed one of the rewards awarded, it will be saved on the My Rewards page right next to the My Coins tab.

How Does Lazada Seller Coin Work


In order for you to have a better understanding of how Lazada seller coins work, you need to see for yourself. So, log in to your Lazada seller center account and hover your mouse over the Growth Center. Select Challenges & Prizes.

What happens now is that Lazada will present you with a series of challenges. When you accept and complete challenges, you HRB Directory will receive seller coins in return.

After completing your first set of challenges, you will receive a new challenge level. The harder the challenge, the bigger the coin rewards you will get in return.

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