One of the Main Attractions in the Small Town

The Buddha Stands in the Gardens of the Kotokuin Temple . At One Time the Statue Was Housed. Inside a Large Temple Room, but the Building. Was Repeatedly Destroyed Due to Adverse Weather. In Fact, It Suffered Several. Typhoons and a Tidal Wave. For This Reason, Since 1495, the Buddha Has Been the Guardian of the Temple in Daylight. During the Cherry Blossom Season , the Statue Takes Shelter From the Sun, in the Shade of a Beautiful Tree Full of Pink Flowers.

Kencho-ji Temple , for Example, is Considered. The Oldest Zen Training Monastery in the Country. Other Temples Can Be Accessed. By Following the Tree-lined Paths That Surround the City at Three Different Points.

From the Kotokuin Diabutsu , there is a hiking course of the same name, which connects to other temples, gardens , and statues in the western part of the city.

Temples and itineraries There are many other temples in and around Kamakura

This trail can be enjoyed if you have an hour or two. However,
Other similar hiking trails, such as the Database Tenen and Gintama hiking courses , on the city’s northern and eastern hills, offer visitors a glimpse of yagura, cave tombs, temples, and shrines. These trails enjoy the sympathy of many tourists, as they are the perfect place to enjoy the fall of the autumn leaves in December.  The shorter of the two takes just 30 minutes.

Kamakura’s beaches
And finally, a trip to Kamakura cannot do without a walk on the beach , since it would not be a complete excursion. More than a kilometer of white sand borders the coast of this city and seduces travelers with surfing, swimming and the sun.

The best time of the year to visit the beaches of Kamakura is during the months of July and August


The beaches known as Zaimokuza and Yuigahama offer the best HRB Directory facilities , including rental shops, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms and drinks sales.  The beaches are a twenty-minute walk from JR Kamakura Station.

Regardless of the activities you do on your excursion to Kamakura, it is sure to be a getaway to remember. However, what will you do when you return to Tokyo? As you plan your next Japan vacation, be sure to take a look at our Tokyo travel guide.

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