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Community Blog The Hero can often be confuse with the Overlord, as they both display several similar traits: most notably, strength and self-confidence. The hero, however, is above all brave. His actions are less controlle. Brands like Hero – such as BMW – promise quality. That’s what their customers care about. At the same time, they like to think that their consumer choices will allow them to “overtake” other consumers. The Outlaw brand archetypes in the Rebel style are experts at creating truly radical ideas, services and products.

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By being action-oriente, discovering new perspectives, proposing a new look and inspiring change, they can be perceive as revolutionary. Rebel brands are an alternative to the mainstream as they strive to stand out and strongly reject the status phone number list quo. They attract people who are bore with traditional choices. Their audience is likely to appreciate shocking content or ads that are unique or don’t have an obvious selling point. The Magican is how brand archetypes function as a catalyst for change and strive to change the world’s problems into opportunities. Brands in the Wizard archetype empower their customers and intend to serve solutions that benefit everyone involve in the situation. “Magic” businesses – such as Xbox – thrive on innovation.

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Companies in this group see opportunities, and through their ingenuity, they trigger a chain reaction. Wizards promise knowlege. Their customers nee to feel that they can become smarter with the product or service in question. Community Blog HRB Directory Brand archetypes in the INDEPENDENCE area Innocent, Explorer and Sage – these are the three archetypes of the brand striving for independence and fulfillment. The Innocent – this is how brands position themselves in the minds of customers who simply want to be free, happy and enjoy a simple life. Often, these are brands that can ignore and transcend the barriers that have held others back. They succee because they are driven by optimism and hope.

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